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Over the last 45 years, Pantone has expanded its color matching system concept to other color-critical industries, including digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture and contract interiors and paint.


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GP1601N Formula Guide Coated/Uncoated

  • Displays all 1,867 market-driven spot colors on coated and uncoated stock
  • Use from design inspiration to press check
  • Text-weight stock
  • Two compact fan decks for easy viewing and portability
  • Pantone Spot Colors are available in most digital design programs

The color reference used around the world for inspiration, specification, and accuracy in print and digital design. With this indispensable tool, designers can quickly select, communicate, and compare colors for logo designs, packaging, and signage. The guide also provides color formulations for properly mixing all Pantone Spot Color inks.

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GP1403 Solid Chips Coated and Uncoated

  • 1,677 solid PANTONE Colors
  • Tear-out chips on replaceable 3-ring binder pages
  • Text-weight stock
  • Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE Number or name
  • Broad selection of market-driven colors, for practically unlimited creativity

Unleash your passion with 560 new colors. The new PANTONE PLUS SERIES SOLID CHIPS two-book set contains all the colors of our PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM -- plus all 560 exciting new colors – in a convenient chip format that attaches to artwork and digital files for easy and consistent color communication. Graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have 1,677 color choices, on both coated and uncoated stock.

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GP4102 Color Bridge Coated and Uncoated

  • Contains all 1,677 PANTONE Solid Colors, on coated and uncoated stock
  • Portable fan guide format provides convenience and fast access to color data
  • Process matches with CMYK screen tint percentages displayed next to each solid color
  • SRGB and HTML values for solid colors
  • Colors bleed for ease and accuracy of checking colors

An essential guide for designers, pre-press and printers – now with 560 new colors. Bridge solid PANTONE Colors for process printing or web design. The PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE Set provides process color simulations of all solid PANTONE Colors – including all 560 exciting new market-ready hues – in a convenient side-by-side comparison format, on coated and uncoated stock.

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STG201 Skin Tone Guide

  • 110 colors numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP
  • Each color is identified by a unique PANTONE Number that represents both the tone and the undertone of the color
  • Large-size swatch with central aperture for easy color evaluation and matching

The Pantone SkinTone Guide was created by scientifically measuring thousands of actual skin tones across the full spectrum of human skin types. Specially formulated to be the closest physical representations of skin colors, the library is a comprehensive visual reference of human skin tones for use in any market where skin colors are relevant.

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GP1606N Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated

  • Perforated paper chips of all 1,867 Pantone Spot Colors in our Formula Guide
  • Use at all stages of the design workflow, from inspiration, to stakeholder approval, to quality control
  • Chips books are ring-bound to accommodate replacement pages
  • Includes Paper Chip Savers for keeping loose chips organized

Pantone Solid Chips books make it easy to view, share, and reference any Pantone Spot Color in chip format. Designers and decision makers can use the removable paper chips for mood board and palette development, specifying on product sketches, communicating color to clients, or bringing along to press checks.

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GP5101 CMYK Guide Coated & Uncoated

  • Includes 16 distinct colors per page arranged in numeric and chromatic format
  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers and values
  • Screen tint percentages provided for four base inks

The CMYK Guide illustrates 2,868 CMYK process colors and their corresponding values. These colors are unique to the Pantone graphics system and cannot be matched to Pantone spot colors. Use this guide when printing in four-color process.

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GP6102N Color Bridge Guide Set Coated & Uncoated

  • Compare 1,845 Pantone Spot Colors with their closest, industry-standard CMYK color matches
  • Specify and manage color across print graphics, digital design, web, animation, and video
  • Provides CMYK, HTML, and RGB values for Pantone Matching System® (PMS) Spot Colors
  • Two compact, fan decks for easy viewing and portability

The Color Bridge Guides illustrate how Pantone Spot Colors can reproduce in CMYK, for confident color management across platforms. Graphic and print designers can visualize Pantone Spot Colors side by side with their closest, industry-standard CMYK equivalent when process printing is required. The HTML and RGB value equivalents are also given for digital design applications.

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